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All You Need to Know About Accutane

How Accutane Works?

Accutane is a medication usually prescribed for nodular acne. It is a medication that includes vitamin A and is known to be effective for treating severe forms of acne. Those who suffer from a severe form of nodular acne are usually prescribed this medication. It helps reduce oil levels that are secreted from oil glands in the skin. It also helps the skin to renew itself quickly. Prescription of Accutane comes on when other acne medications including antibiotics fail to have any result. It is likewise known as Isotretinoin, a drug that is consumed for treating harsh acne. The active substance in this medication works by helping to decrease sebaceous glands present under the outer skin surface. Sebaceous glands create sebum which is oil present in the skin. However, in many youngsters such as those who have oily skin, excess sebum secretion from the glands often clogs the pores. This in turn causes acne. With sebum secretion under control, the medication helps to stop or control the breakouts.


What Kind of Accutane Dosage Should You Take?

When it comes to dosage, it should be as prescribed by the doctor. One should follow the directions given on the prescription. Ideally, the dosage should not be in smaller or in larger amounts or longer than what is recommended by the doctor. You must fill the prescription within seven days after it is prescribed by the doctor. Usually, chemists do not provide a supply of this medication for more than 30 days at a time. When it comes to consuming the medication, you need to take the same with a glass of water. This will prevent the capsule from melting and irritating the esophagus. You should not suck or chew the tablets. You can consume the medicine with milk or with snack. Ensure that you consume the medication exactly the time length as prescribed by a physician. It might appear that the acne gets worse initially after you initiate to consume the medication. However, it does start to improve after that. Even if others around you can have similar acne problems, it is advised that you do not share the medication with others. It should be taken only under a doctor’s advice. Also, if you have been prescribed this medicine, you should get a blood test done as well as a liver function test. This will ensure that there are no adverse secondary effects. The remedy should be kept away from light, heat, and humidity and at normal room temperature.

Side Effects of Accutane

Some people might show certain allergic reactions to this medication. For instance, they could develop hives, swelling in their face, throat, tongue, lips. They could also develop breathing difficulties. If you face any such side effects then you need to call on the doctor and stop using the medicine. Other adverse effects that many people experience are: • Trouble in concentrating or experiencing sleep problems. • One could experience a depressed mood, agitation, or aggression. • There could be sudden changes in one’s behavior such as suicidal thoughts. • You could experience sudden weakness or numbness on one side of your body • There could be pain behind the eyes, severe or sudden headache, blurred vision; sometimes vomiting tendencies also come on. • One could experience pain in the upper stomach, nausea or vomiting tendencies, increase in heart rate. • There could be rectal bleeding, bloody or tarry stools, and severe diarrhea. • Fracture, bone pain or joint stiffness could occur.

Precautions Before You Take Accutane

SBefore this medicine is prescribed, you need to register under a program, iPledge. Once you register under the program you need to sign certain documents that show that you are know possible side effects that can occur from this medication and the dangers of the same. Also, users need to agree to use specific birth control measures as instructed in the program. It is best to ask the doctor and know what kind of requirements exists before you sign up for the program. The program also mandates the vendors who can sell the medicine. It is best that you buy the medicine from a listed vendor, either offline or online, as per the iPledge program. Those who are allergic to parabens or isotretinoin are pregnant or likely to become so should refrain from taking this medicine. Patients should inform their doctor of the following conditions, if they exhibit any of these: • Have a family or personal history of mental illness or depression. • Heart disease. • Bone disorders such as osteoporosis. • Intestinal disorders such as ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, or inflammatory bowel syndrome. • Asthma or diabetes. • Eating disorder. • Liver disease. There can be life-threatening defects in expectant mothers if they take up Accutane. It can cause defects in the formation of a baby’s eyes, ears, face, brain, heart, skull, and face. Women, who have potential to still bear children, need to get a prescription of the drug, only after certain birth control or safety measures are in place. Users need to test negative for pregnancy at least 30 days before they take up this medication. Every time a user gets their prescription refilled they need to get a pregnancy test done. The test results need to be uploaded in the iPledge program registry. Users need to put in writing that they are using certain birth control measures at least 30 days before they take up this medication. Also, they need to continue the same till 30 days are over after stopping the medicine. Users are asked to use primary as well as secondary birth control measures.

What to Avoid?

If you are taking this medicine then you need to avoid the following: • Avoid taking vitamin supplements that contain vitamin A. • Do not opt for blood donation till 30 days have expired after you last took the medicine. • Avoid exposure to excessive sunlight. • Do not opt for laser treatments, dermabrasion, or hair removers. In general, if you are expecting or are already a breast feeding mother, it is best that you do not get a prescription for Accutane.

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