Spartanburg Golf Courses South Carolina

Spartanburg Golf Courses City & State Phone Info $ Deals Site
Cherokee National Golf Gaffeny (864)489-9417 Y
Cherokee Valley Golf Tigerville (864)895-6758 Y
Cramer Mountain Golf Cramerton, NC 704-824-2772 Y
The Creek Golf Club Spartanburg (864)583-7084 Y
Crowders Mountain Golf Club CrowdersMtn, NC 704-739-7681 18 4for3 Y
Deerbrook Golf club Shelby, NC 704-482-4653
Gastonia Municipal Golf Gastonia, NC 704-866-6945 Y
Green Meadows Golf Mount Holly, NC 704-827-9264 18 4for3 Y
Greer Country Club Greer (864)877-9279 Y
Heddles Hideaway Golf Spartanburg (800)653-0835 Y
Kings Mountain Country Club Kings Mountain (704) 739-5871
Lincoln Golf & CC Lincolnton, NC 704-735-1382 18 4for 3
Links O'Tryon Golf Club Campobello (864)468-4995 184for3Y
Meadowbrook Golf Club Rutherfordton, NC (828)863-2690 Y
River Bend YMCA Golf Shelby, NC (704) 482-4286 Y
River Falls Golf Club Duncan (864)433-9192 Y
Village Greens Golf Club Gramling (864)472-2411 Y
Willow Creek Golf Club Greer (864)848-4999 Y
Woodbridge Golf Club Kings Mountain, NC (704) 482-0353 Y
Woodfin Ridge Golf Club Inman (864)578-0023 Y


Spartanburg Golf - South Carolina


Spartanburg, SC Golf courses are located at the junction of I85, and I26. Listed above are 20 Spartanburg area public play golf courses within one hour of driving from Spartanburg. Or travel here by flying directly into the Greenville Metropolitan Airport (CAE).

Spartanburg golf travel plans can be research on this site by checking out the sites listed above for each course and using the available 4 for 3 Golf deals listed above. Set your Spartanburg golf lodging requirements by using the hotel finder on the side bar for the best rates. Or you may enter your golf vacation requirements into the Spartanburg Golf Package.

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